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Qualifications: Education & Credentials

Years in Practice:  20+ Years
School:  Psy.D from American Behavioral Studies Institute
Year Graduated:  2003
License No. and State:  MFC35620 California

School:  California Graduate Institute, M.A. in Psychology and Marriage, Family Therapy
Year Graduated:  1996

School:  California State University, Fullerton, B.A. in Psychology
Year Graduated:  1994

School:  Fullerton College, Associate in Arts, Liberal Studies, Graduated with Highest Honors
Year Graduated:  1991

Additional Credentials
Certificate: EMDRIA/Certificate
Date Acquired: 2004
Certificate: AAETS/Diplomate
Date Acquired: 2009

Additional Honors, Positions, Licenses and Certifications
Valerie Foster Young
Dr. Valerie Foster-Young
Marriage & Family Therapist
714 ♦ 879 ♦ 5868 ext. 1
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Dr. Valerie blends Western psychology with knowledge of the Eastern and Wisdom traditions into the clinical setting using the EMDR protocol for the healing of trauma.  Her knowledge of transpersonal psychology along with transpersonal research studies she has explored treatment helps to create outcomes of EMDR patients as a transpersonal therapy.  Energy based healing philosophy and technique as depicted in Eastern and native shamanic spiritual traditions are used along side of contemporary western transpersonal developmental theorists.  The cultural and spiritual aspects of shamanism, woven into native tradition along with the role of EMDR therapy in awakening consciousness will be explored as we take the healing of trauma into the realms of a greater cosmic whole in the language of images, sensory experiences, and intuitive knowing.  Her hope is that there will be a continuous and flowing process taking participants from the left brain didactic to the right brain experiential, creating an integrated and flowing experience from egoic to expanded awareness.

Additional Honors, Positions, Licenses and Certifications

CSUF Honors Received & Positions Held
Scholarship as Senior Student of the Year
Inducted Member of Psi Chi National Honor Society; Office Holder, Treasurer
Inducted Member of Golden Key National Honor Society
Independent Research with Peter Ebersole, PhD: Domestic Violence and Meaning in Life
Independent Research with Mikyong Kimgoh, PhD: Schizophrenia and Psycho-educational Approach to Treatment
Research Assistant for Lisa Mori, PhD: Stress and Coping in Children

FCC Honors Received and Positions Held
Recipient of the Division of Social Sciences Amy Stump Scholarship Award
Inducted Member of Psi Beta National Honor Society
Inducted Member of Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society

License and Certifications
License, Marriage and Family Psychotherapist (California Board of Behavioral Sciences)
License, Marriage and Family Psychotherapist (Texas)
Certification, Supervision of MFTIs (II, III) (California Board of Behavioral Sciences)
Certification, EMDR (Eye-Movement/Desensitization Reprocessing)

Certification, Domestic Violence Treatment (State of California)
Certification, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
Certification, Treatment of Chemically Dependent Patients and Their Family

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